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2017 Letter from the President - An Exciting Year Ahead!

January 4, 2017

QA1 has long been known as an industry leader in shock absorbers and rod ends. Over the past couple years, we’ve become known as an industry leader in suspension components and have been blown away by the response to, and popularity of, our full-vehicle suspension kits. We have proven ourselves in the composites industry and have won several awards for our carbon fiber driveshafts, which are quickly becoming the standard in the industry for quality and performance.

We strive to be experts in our fields – whether it’s product-specific or by skillset. What does this prove? We have dedication. We are a team dedicated to providing the best products at an affordable price. Products that most people can afford and benefit from, whether for safety or performance. Products that people are proud to put on their cars to help improve their performance on the track or strip.

What you don’t see or hear about often enough, though, is the people behind those products. The people who went to school specifically for machining, engineering, welding, marketing, automotive technology, quality assurance and more. In every department of our company we have racers, we have enthusiasts, and most importantly, we have people who care deeply about the products they produce, sell and support, and about the people who use them. We were excited to introduce some of these team members to you via social media throughout the year and will continue to do so, giving them the recognition they deserve.

We want you to see what QA1 has to offer, not only in our products, but in our company as a whole. Visit our website to see a tour of our facilities; watch our YouTube channel to see how your favorite products are made in Lakeville, MN; and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to meet our team. You won’t be disappointed in what you learn. 

Best Regards,

Melissa Scoles
QA1 Precision Products, Inc.