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Mustang Suspension

blue fox body mustang in motion on the drag race course

QA1 offers everything to build your Fox Body Mustang, SN95 Mustang, Mustang II, or New Edge Mustang into your dream car. Easily achieve the perfect balance of performance, comfort and looks with our bolt-on products.

Build in stages with high quality Mustang suspension parts or pick up one of our complete Mustang suspension kits to upgrade everything in one shot.



MUSTANG SUSPENSION KITSFull Vehicle Suspension Kits for Ford Mustangs - Coilovers, Shocks, Springs, Control Arms, K-Members, Caster Camber Plates

Get everything you need to upgrade all four corners of your Mustang's suspension with bolt-in struts, coilovers and tubular components. Whether you're looking to cruise around town or plan to hit the track, there's an option for you. Made in the USA. 

  • Handling Kits: Imrove the cornering capabilities of your Fox Body, SN95 or New Edge Mustang with different upgrade levels for your front and rear suspension. 
  • Drag Kits: Looking for a better launch, more straight-line stability and consistent performance? These are for you!



MUSTANG STRUTS & COILOVER KITSQA1 Stock-Mount Coilovers for Mustangs

Available as individual struts for a quick high-value performance upgrade for Fox Body, SN95, and S197 Mustangs, or as a full coilover conversion kit, which offers the highest level of performance and adjustability thanks to custom-tailored spring rate and strut valving packages. Ideal for both street and race applications. 

The lightweight inverted strut design, adjustable ride height and valving bring out the best possible performance, handling, and stance.

  • On-the-car single- and double-adjustable valving to dial in comfort and performance

  • 18 clicks of compression and rebound adjustment

  • Easy, bolt-in installation with stock control arms or QA1 tubular control arms

  • 100% dyno tested and serialized

  • Made in the USA


TUBULAR CONTROL ARMSQA1 Tubular Control Arms for Ford Mustangs

Our Ford Mustang control arms are an easy way to increase strength and reduce front end weight. Saving over 15lbs. per set, these control arms are an ideal solution for your Fox Body, SN95 or New Edge Mustang.

Offered in two configurations, both made in the USA:

  • Street: Great for cruising and street use. QA1 Ultimate Ball Joints and polyurethane bushings provide long life, ease of servicability, and bind free operation for a performance advantage over stock.
  • Race: Designed for drag racing, pro-touring and autocross. Equipped with anodized eccentric sleeves which provide on-the-car camber adjustability, low deflection, and great looks.  Race arms combine QA1 Ultimate Ball Joints and composite bushings for minimal deflection and friction free operation in one of the lightest control arms on the market.

TUBULAR K-MEMBERSQA1 Tubular K Members For Mustangs

Replace the bulky crossmember in your Fox Body, SN95 or New Edge Mustang. You'll shed weight while gaining significant room in the engine bay.

  • 50% lighter than stock
  • Multiple engine mounts available
  • Additional clearance for oil pans and headers
  • Tubular construction for maximum strength
  • Easy, bolt-in installation
  • Made in the USA
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