Driveshaft Design Considerations

From the design process to manufacturing, our engineers will work with you to make sure your industrial driveshaft concept meets all of your specifications and requirements. To help you prepare, here are some of the questions we go over for industrial applications at the start of the process.


  • Length
  • Outer diameter maximum
  • Rotational speed maximum
  • Temperature maximum
  • Temperature minimum
  • Ultimate strength requirement (torque) at 70°F
  • Ultimate strength requirement (torque) at maximum temperature
  • Ultimate strength requirement (torque) at minimum temperature
  • Desired torsional stiffness
  • Fatigue/lifecycle requirements
  • Unbalance maximum
  • Attachment type front and rear.  What type/series of couplers/joints will be used?
  • What, if any, slip system is required?  Will driveshaft require integrated slip system for installation and/or suspension movement?
  • What are the design priorities?  (i.e. cost, failure mode, ultimate strength, lifecycle, etc.)
  • What NVH issues does the system have?  Are there known frequency problems or concerns?  Are there known sounds or resonance vibration problems and if so, under what conditions?
  • Are there any significant torque spikes during use? 
  • What environmental challenges will the assembly face?  (salt water, rock impacts, chemicals, etc.)
  • Are there other standards or certifications the part must meet?


  • What is the target cost?
  • How many prototypes are required?
  • What is the prototype delivery schedule?
  • What is the expected annual usage quantity?
  • What is the expected growth for years 1-5?

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