QA1 Driveshafts vs The Competition

Rotational Acceleration vs Torque GraphQA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshafts vs Steel & Aluminum Driveshafts
A QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft accelerates faster than a steel or aluminum driveshaft due to its lighter weight and lower inertia. In this test, using 55" long driveshafts approximately 3.125" in diameter, the steel driveshaft (blue line) weighed 15 lbs with a wall thickness of 0.083" and the aluminum driveshaft (green line) weighed 7 lbs with a wall thickness of 0.125". In contrast, the QA1 driveshaft (red line) weighed less than 6.5 lbs, even with a thicker wall of 0.110". The lighter QA1 driveshaft was capable of handling nearly twice as much torque as the steel or aluminum driveshaft.

Driveshaft Torsion Test DataQA1 vs. Dirt Late Model Competitors
This graph shows torsional test data collected for 38" dirt late model driveshafts. The horizontal axis is displacement or amount of twist in degrees and the vertical axis is amount of torque in lb*ft. Each line represents a different driveshaft and each part was tested to failure. You can see that some of the lines are fairly straight up to a certain amount of torque then they start to curve. The point where the curve starts is actually where the driveshaft starts to yield or take a permanent set or twist. If the part was removed and checked anywhere in the curved area, the end yokes would be twisted out of phase. This is especially apparent for steel or aluminum. This testing shows that QA1's carbon fiber driveshafts (represented by the red line) are far stronger tha other competitors' carbon fiber driveshafts, and aluminum and steel driveshafts as well. 

2.25 Driveshaft Comparison QA1 2.25" Driveshaft vs. Competitor 2.25" Carbon Fiber and Steel Driveshafts
This bar graph shows the amount of torque required to yield or permanently deform various carbon fiber and steel driveshafts. This data was collected for 38” driveshafts with either a 2.25” O.D. (carbon) or 2" O.D. (steel). This testing shows that QA1’s carbon fiber driveshafts are not only stronger than competitors’ carbon fiber driveshafts but also far stronger than steel driveshafts as well. In addition, QA1's 2.25" driveshaft is 12% to 20% lighter than both other carbon shafts and 38% lighter than the steel shaft.

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