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70 Series Steel Small Body Twin Tube Shock (Discontinued)

70 Series Steel Small Body Twin Tube Shock (Discontinued)
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QA1 70 Series Shock
Product Description

70 Series shocks have been replaced by the 7Q Series.

Similar in function to our 51 Series twin tube shocks, our 70 Series shocks are just as durable and perform like their large body counterparts in a smaller package. The decreased O.D. allows the 70 series to fit where large bodies cannot. Designed for lightweight classes and for increased control arm clearance. Works best on smooth to average dirt tracks and asphalt tracks.

  • Small body
  • Racer revalveable and rebuildable
  • Non-fading
  • Deflective disc valving
  • Damping curve allows for complete control of suspension at low shaft speeds without creating extreme forces at high shaft velocities
  • Twin tube design allows the outer tube to be dented without binding the shock
  • 1 5/8” O.D. Lightweight aluminum body
  • Can be run in any orientation with no change in rate
  • Replaceable 1/2" I.D. bearings
  • 100% Dyno tested and serialized
  • Made in the USA