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Pistons - Monotube

Pistons - Monotube
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QA1 Monotube Pistons
Product Description

QA1 Monotube Pistons

Tailor your monotube shock curves with these pistons from QA1.

Linear Piston: Creates a force curve that features an increase in force directly related to an increase in speed - the quicker the shock moves, the stiffer it becomes.

Digressive Piston: Creates a force that does not increase proportionally to an increase in speed. 0.125" Bleed

Linear/Digressive Piston: Linear compression and linear/digressive rebound.

Variable Linear/Digressive Piston: Features 0.056" of preload to help generate low-speed control without excessive high-speed force. Commonly used in on dirt car left rear and pavement front shocks, these pistons can generate the force numbers that you're looking for to keep the left rear up or keep the front end sealed off.

Hi-Lo Piston: Features kidney shaped ports on one face and round ports on the other, allowing the piston to be flipped to create a softer curve on one side coupled with a stiffer curve on the other.