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Ball Joint Sleeves

Ball Joint Sleeves
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QA1 Ball Joint Sleeves
Product Description

Threaded Ball Joint Sleeves

QA1 offers a threaded ball joint press-in sleeve to convert screw-in ball joints to a press-in ball joint with 2.185" O.D.. This sleeves fits QA1 ball joints part #1210-102 and #1210-106.

QA1 also offers threaded ball joint weld-in sleeves that are perfect for either new control arm fabrication or for transforming an existing control arm to accept Mopar-style screw-in ball joints. The threads are designed to work perfectly with QA1 ball joints and are easily welded into the control arm.

The weldable upper ball joint housing is made of 4130 chromoly steel. It welds directly into an upper control arm, provides additional shock clearance, and allows for more negative camber to be used, all while using standard QA1 ball joint components.