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We’re all about helping you get the most out of your Impala, Caprice, Cutlass or Monte Carlo. Cruising? Shows? Grudge racing?

We’ve got you covered. 

QA1 Big Wheel Suspension Kits give your car the perfect look while making it ride, handle and launch better. Our tubular parts use your stock mounts, giving you huge bolt-on gains. Kits can be installed with simple hand tools by your local shop or in your garage.



DONK SUSPENSION KITSQA1 Donk Impala Suspension Kits

Our bolt-on suspension kits give you the adjustabilty to fit 28” wheels on your 1971-1976 Impala or Caprice. Want a better ride and more grip? Upgrade to the tubular parts in Level 2 and Level 3 kits.


BOX SUSPENSION KITSBig Wheel Suspension For Impala And Caprice Cars

Our adjustable bolt-on suspension kits help you fit 28” wheels on your 1977-1990 Impala or Caprice. Get a better ride and improved handling with QA1 tubular trailing arms, control arms and sway bars.


BUBBLE SUSPENSION KITSQA1 Bubble Impala And Caprice Suspension Kits

Get your ride right with bolt-on suspension kits that fit 26” wheels while improving your car’s handling. It’s a great way to the get the look you want out of your 1991-1996 Caprice or Impala SS without sacrificing performance.


G BODY SUSPENSION KITSBig Wheel Suspension For G Body Cars

Fit 24” wheels and get the perfect ride height for your Monte Carlo, Regal or Cutlass. Update the car’s ride and handling with adjustable tubular parts included in Level 2 and Level 3 kits.