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1963-1987 Chevy C10 Tubular Crossmember

Product Description

Upgrade your classic Chevy C10 truck to a modern driving feel and performance. This kit has everything to convert your front end to coil-overs and a tubular crossmember with rack-and-pinion steering. Already have QA1 coil-overs and control arms? We also offer kits that adapt your current parts to be used with with the crossmember.


This is a great way to overhaul your suspension in one go, giving you adjustable ride height to achieve the perfect stance with up to 8” of drop. All while dialing in the ideal ride quality and performance for your application while reducing weight by 140 lbs. over stock.

Rack and Pinion Steering

Powered rack-and-pinion offers quicker steering and a tighter feel. Plus, increase steering angle when fitting larger wheels and tires, and improve geometry for enhanced drivability.

Increased Ground Clearance

The crossmember and control arms make your undercab rails the truck’s lowest point. Adjustable upper shock mounts increase travel for a great ride and performance, even at low ride heights.

Adjustable Shock Valving

Choose from three shock options to achieve your ideal balance of adjustability, ride quality and performance

  • Single-adjustable shocks make it easy to tune your ride quality in seconds with the twist of a knob.
  • Double-adjustable shocks offer independent rebound and compression tunability. Great for trucks that will see track time or drivers who really want to dial in ride quality on the street.
  • MOD Series shocks offer advanced high-speed and low-speed adjustment for maximum tunability. The modular valve packs and force curves are made for top-tier drag racing and pro touring drivers.

Easy, Bolt-In Installation

The crossmember comes powder coated and ready to install. No need to cut or weld your frame. It easily locates the steering rack, and you can choose mounts (sold separately) for common engines.

Modular Engine Mounts

Choose from modular engine mounts (sold separately) that allow you to reuse your existing transmission mount and driveshaft. Kits are available for small block Chevy, big block chevy and LS applications. DIY mounts are also available if you want to customize the location of your engine.

Front Sway Bar

The optional front sway bar (sold separately) adds even more cornering capabilities. It reduces body roll and keeps your tires planted to give you more grip in the turns.


If you're already running QA1 control arms and coil-overs, you're in luck. This kit was designed specifically to be backwards compatible with our control arms and shocks. The kit will include everything you need to replace your stock crossmember while gaining the benefits and features listed above. The kit adds 2" of additional drop range and will take another 70 lbs of weight off the front of your truck. The kit also includes hardware to adapt your existing front sway bar to the tubular crossmember.

Fitment Notes

  • Total drop range depends on wheel/tire fitment
  • Will require you to trim inner fenders
  • Engine mounts are year-range specific to maintain OE bellhousing location
  • Optimized bump steer settings require at least 18” wheels
  • 18” wheels can run up to 6” of backspacing
  • 20” wheels can run up to 7” of backspacing
  • Requires use of 1973-1987 C10 spindles
  • May require different headers and oil pan (Stock SBC & BBC pans fit)
  • Steering shaft is not included
  • May require new power steering hoses depending on fittings, pump and engine placement