Shocks and Struts

Shocks and Struts for Drag Racing, Street Performance and Street Rods

QA1 has a tremendous selection of shocks and struts available for your application. From custom mount and stock mount, to coil-over and non-coil-over, to steel and aluminum, you are sure to find a shock or strut that meets your needs. You can even choose from a variety of valving options, including: non-adjustable, single adjustable, double adjustable and “R” series drag racing. Chances are great that if you want it, we’ve got it – and at a reasonable price. Don’t forget to check out our other suspension components including, coil-over conversion kits, control arms and several other items that are available for many popular applications.

Selecting your Shock Absorbers & Struts

You can search for shocks and/or struts specific to your vehicle by using the Vehicle Search or by selecting options through the menu on the left.

Consider the following items to help you select the right shock or strut for your application:

1. Custom Mount vs. Stock Mount

If you have a stock vehicle that has not had any alterations to the original suspension, you should use a stock mount shock. If you have altered or built the vehicle, then custom mount is likely the way you’ll need to go.

2. Coil-Over vs. Non-Coil-Over

Are you looking for adjustable ride height to give your vehicle just the right stance? QA1 has a variety of different coil-over options for many makes and models that allow for easy ride height adjustment for either stock appearance or the slammed in the weeds look. If you're happy with your ride height and don't need the adjustability, QA1 also has many non-coil-over options as well. These options range from economical steel shocks to high performance double adjustable aluminum shocks.

3. Adjustable vs. Non-Adjustable

Select non-adjustable shocks if you are looking for a quality, comfortable, consistent ride. Look to QA1's adjustable shocks if you want the ability to change your suspension for different applications such as drag racing, road courses, or street performance. You should also choose adjustable shocks if you occasionally carry heavy loads, or just like to change your handling characteristics for easy riding or performance driving.

4. Steel vs. Aluminum

QA1 aluminum shocks are lightweight and provide the ultimate in ride quality and performance. QA1 offers its aluminum shocks with non-adjustable, single adjustable, double adjustable and drag race specific valving options. If you're looking for an economical shock, QA1 offers a variety of steel shocks to fit your application. QA1 steel shocks are non-adjustable and are available with either a white, painted finish or a chrome-plated finish.

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