Ball Joints

QA1 Ultimate Ball Joint

Rebuildable Ball Joints, More Performance for Your Dollar

QA1’s Ultimate Ball Joint has a revolutionary design that is strong and extremely wear resistant. It’s available in bolt-in, press-in and screw-in styles for all of the most popular racing applications.

QA1 Ball Joint Exploded

Ultimate Low Friction Operation - Infinite Preload adjustment allows breakaway torque to be set as low as 0 ft. lbs. Completely smooth, bind-free operation.

Wear Resistant Design - Precision tolerance ball to race conformity results in even load distribution for unsurpassed wear resistance. Precision ground 52100 bearing steel race ensures long life and ultra-smooth operation.

On-the-Car Adjustability - Infinite preload adjustment. No need to remove the ball joint from the car for adjustment.

Self-Lubricating - Fully greasable enhanced by self-lubricating components to ensure smooth operation.

Multiple Stud Lengths Available - Various ball studs are available for easy geometry changes. Fine tune your roll center.

Owner Rebuildable - Rebuilding is simple. All parts replaceable at economical prices.