Industrial Capabilities

Custom Products to Meet Your Industrial Needs

QA1 has the industry experience and engineering expertise that allows us to design and manufacture composite material products and custom sub-assemblies for suspension applications, including: shock absorbers/dampers, tubular suspension components, carbon fiber driveshafts, rod ends, ball joints, knuckle castings, wheel bearings and seals, wheel hubs, stainless brake disks, forged aluminum brake calipers, CV driveshafts and suspension bushings.

From its beginnings as a manufacturer of rod ends and spherical bearings, QA1 has expanded into custom machining to service a broad range of customer applications. Whether stateside in QA1's Minnesota facility or internationally with one of our global partners, QA1 will provide you with the quality product you need.

QA1 is driven by customer demands for:

  • Vendor consolidation - single source of supply
  • Just in time delivery
  • Cost competitiveness
  • Vendor on-hand inventory
  • Engineering capabilities
  • Innovation
  • Responsive customer service
  • Training
  • Product information

With a full staff of design engineers and quality control personnel accountable to ISO 9001 and QA1 standards of excellence, QA1's fully integrated supply chain is truly a global enterprise.

The ability to engage its global engineering staff, via contract engineering arrangements, has allowed QA1 to work with numerous customers from product concept, through design and development, to the production of many distinct items - a sampling of which you see here. The investments made by QA1, both in the U.S. and abroad, have resulted in the manufacture of forgings, sand and investment castings, rubber and injected-molded parts, and a variety of other parts and processes.


Monorail/People Mover Dampers

QA1 worked with vehicle manufacturers to develop dampers to control sway and rocking of the vehicle cars in monorails/people movers. The dampers operate in all types of weather conditions all around the world.

NASA Space Exploration Vehicle

QA1 worked with NASA to develop dampers for their new space rover vehicle. The dampers are hidden under the white socks on the suspension of the vehicle. The space rover vehicle uses twelve dampers, two per axle.

Modular Front Suspension and Drive Assembly

This assembly was specifically designed by QA1 for the fast growing neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) market. The components that QA1 designed, manufactured or sourced in this sub-assembly include: welded tubular sub frame, tubular suspension arms, ball joints, suspension bushings, knuckle castings, special wheel bearings and seals, wheel hubs, stainless brake disk, forged aluminum brake calipers and CV drive shafts.

Steering and Front Drive Assembly

This off-road design by QA1 has been used by a major all-terrain vehicle manufacturer. The design and reliability requirements of this type of assembly approach that of military specifications. The assembly is subjected to the most severe conditions of heat, cold, water submersion, and obstacle impact-- and it requires little or no maintenance. QA1 is very familiar with these and other off-road components, and can similarly design for your existing application, or assist from the design stage, to meet a broad range of customer needs.

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